Way of Light

Things are not what they seem,
says the one caught in the dream,
these players from a different cast,
waltz the stage disguised in masks,
and there is one who tells a tale
of the watching waiting clockwork elves,
not in the stone nor river banks
in the crumbling walls, the city street,
the cracked grey pavement under their feet,
let the tale, the truth be told,
the eye that sees, the one that beholds,
is the same as the reflection in the eye,
the actor, the player of the disguise,
beyond that there is a shadow cast,
for the light surely travels fast,
like shadows, clockwork, like the night,
let the tales, and truth be told,
the dark travels fast as the light unfolds.

Return of the Native

Will the streams still flow as clear,
Will the numbers of the flocks be strong?
Will the wind still carry the pleasant sounds
Of the quiet village and the mountain song?

Will the sun still be as warm,
Will the winters still be so cold,
Will still the crimson sky fires burn,
Will the aspen leaves be as gold?

Will the soup spice flavor tickle the tongue,
When a long day ends with an evening begun,
Will the flutes still ring the same melodies,
Will the beat be the same on the leather drum?

Will the herbs in the air still be as sweet,
Will the earth be as firm under my feet,
Will the spring herald the same old joy,
Will the same folk be present for me to greet?

Or will the land be barren now,
A desolate field of fire and war,
Will the same structures stand,
That have firmly lasted for ages before?

Will the stories still be remembered,
When the tongues to prisons are tied,
Will the people’s will and strength abound,
When their greatest dream has died?

Will the valley be all toil and strife,
Will the village totem be a city gate,
Will the cry to the spirits beyond,
Be a pledge made to the state?

Will the river water be dark with blood,
Will the wolf have made his kill?
May the waters still be cool and clear;
May hope and life prevail.

I saw right through the dark

I saw right through the dark,

the night so black it moved,

a shudder under cloudy sky,

a whisper in the gloom.

twas not the night that drew me near,

twas not the twisted dream,

it was a quest to higher worlds,

it was a tear in the seam.

An empty space to let light in,

a soul to fill it up,

like the shadow over limitless void,

before the Will erupts.

I saw a light through the dark,

a grey, a silvery sheen,

two orbs flickering, yet no other light,

a timeless, constant beam.

Within the ray, I saw the earth,

and all upon the land.

I saw the infinite stars above,

I saw the creator’s hand.

I saw right through the dark

when I met your eyes,

even in the the darkest night,

a soul may shed some light.

Lost Souls

How is the ship to catch good sail,

with no wind and current strong,

how is a soul to find its way,

cut like cloud wisps, then gone?

At least there is a sphere of light,

in the way things all connect,

And the lattice of the universe

is spun like a spider’s web.

Such a sea to be cast out,

how will the way be known?

By way of light, eternal hope,

may they find the right path home.



Either Way

Like a flash of lightening,  fallen star

the breath before the song,

as it contemplates the space ahead,

a swivel, turn, then gone:

It is a mind that falls to make

the planets all turn right,

and even forceful powers of fate

are reduced by the mind and finite.

With such ease it could have been,

a familiar Northern flight.

Not a moments time to bend

with so many ends in sight.






One thousand miles in one step,

nothing but a small turn back,

so fast there is no imprint left,

the trail fades fast in dry sands.

Take the leap and dust shall rise

So many spiral tunnels of flight

Who is to tell when the time is right?

All is to know is the open sky.

The flight, the time, the world may fall,

Love and Wisdom and Will stand tall,

and fettered, icy wings sustain,

when falling towards the world to gain.











10 Ways to Free the Transcendentalist Muse Within You

Musings about life and nature are transcendentalist musings. If you are inspired by beauty and nature, see God and love as transcendental forces of divine sorts, profound forces in the world that exist outside yourself, then transcendentalist musings have been circulating your mind for probably quite a while. My own transcendentalist musings, inspirational work that coincides with transcendentalist philosophy that arose in the early 19th century, manifests in works of Art, Writing, and Spiritual Debates about the Nature of Science at the moment.  Your inspirations and muses could be completely different!

So, here are some few helpful hints to bring out the transcendentalist muse within you. You are full of wisdom and insight, and nurturing the spirit and mind in these ways will help you stay inspired and fulfill your true purpose.

  1. Learn from Nature: In this age of information and education, more of the natural world is simplified to us than ever before. It is revealed to us and not discovered, because there is a deeper beauty and wisdom to nature not drawn by facts and figures. There is a unity to nature, and it is beautiful like a piece of artwork. In transcendentalist philosophy nature is also symbolic. So, like Henry David Thoreau, look deeper into nature. Watch the patterns of the ants and the movement of the stars and find higher meaning.tree-2984906__340
  2. Read more poetry: Poetry is art of language, a pristine craft. The transcendentalist may view the poet as wise wanderer to which certain secrets of nature were made only to him. In romanticism, the poet is often portrayed as the archetypal vagabond. When you are lost, let words paint an impression on your mind, and you might use these images, impressions, and ideas to your own inspirational benefit. books-3083451_960_720
  3. Listen to Music that Moves You: Music that moves you must be good, right? There are studies that show music has the ability to enhance cognition, create a mystical experience, and improve overall health. So, listen to music that lifts your spirit, and try to find new songs that gives you chills. Better yet, explore whatever you can of live music and dancing. There is something wonderful that happens when people move freely to the same tune, without hesitation.manhattan-1674404_960_720
  4. Eat Energy Rich Foods: Your mind is very much connected to your stomach. If you eat healthier foods that are whole and not processed, you will better thrive in the world. Not only does your cognition improve, but you will have more energy to concentrate on what you think is important. Eat foods that are good for you but also taste good and make you happy. Put the extra effort and the extra ingredient into the mix, and savor the foods you eat. A good habit is giving thanks for your food. Giving thanks for this one fundamental aspect of being gives greater amplitude to having grace towards other blessings.food-photography-2834549_960_720
  5.  Listen for Wise Words: Wisdom is best gained by sharing it, and people around you have much knowledge and insight to impart. One good habit to carry is to try to gain at least one bit of wisdom from the day. Talk and listen, and even steer the conversation to what interests who you’re talking to. There is much to be realized and inspired by from the mundane conversations of the day. People have paved the course of history with their ideas and build upon their foundations in the present. If you don’t look close, you might do your part and not see the importance of all else.sculpture-2209152_960_720
  6.  Explore existence and Man’s creations: People take pride in the work they do. Look closely at the works of others and see what you can learn.  Undertake a task you have never tried before, like DIY craft projects. There is much to be inspired by and to create by your own hand. Look closer at the art you pass by and see if you can see the creators soul in it. Admire the words from an article for how they fit together, and meditate on the time and effort it took on someones behalf to allow it to be in your hand at that momenttypewriter-801921__340
  7. Try to Avoid Technology: Sometimes, being too close to technology can have its disadvantages. Even though it can be a medium to gain and spread knowledge, there is much to be gained in solitude away from the bright lights of the technological age. Transcendentalists of the 19th century would perhaps see our age of information as both a blessing and a curse. Quiet and peace of mind may be attained by limiting use of technology for a while. So, read a book in a hammock, go to the library, and put your phone away for a spec of time. There is nothing wrong with avoiding computers for a while.Placeholder Image
  8.  Change your Environment: Sometimes, a shift in your environment will alter your life for the better. Changing the routine with the environment may expose you to new inspirations and ideas you have never come across. Landscapes are inspiring, and reaching for new ones may free the transcendentalist musings that have been occupying your mind, waiting to be known to the world. If you want to be a sculptor, adventure out and meet artists and view famous sculptures. If you’ve had your heart set on some travel destination, without any reason why, by all means, go there! Follow your intuition, and it should guide you the right direction.rail-2803725_960_720
  9. Look to Ritual and Routine: This may be just as effective as changing your environment and doing things that are out of the ordinary, but to some, it may be just as beneficial. Sometimes simplifying a routine into what you know is improvement can put aside clutter in your life, and allow your mind to be focused on what you find is worth the your activity. Simplifying your life in the smallest of ways can improve your livelihood and boost your creativity.breakfast-2861863_960_720
  10.  Go forth into nature: We must not only learn from nature, but go forth into nature, and be one with it. In transcendentalist philosophy and many modes of similar thought, there is a circular continuation to things, and the end can be found in the beginning. Go into nature just to be there, because your are so much an integral part of it, and arguably the most fascinating, incredible, and divine of all of nature’s forms for the sole reason that you are conscious of this fact. Go hiking, fishing, or camping. Explore new horizons and terrain. There is much to be discovered and much to be inspired by!sunrise-2624402_960_720