The wind howls and thunder calls,
the night a lost goodbye
the hour could be any
the second a long drawn sigh.

An aimless of an evening drive
and the air stays solid ice,
the breath, and love is sunlight warm,
give and take- once, twice, thrice.

Watch Box

I saw my Grandpas watch today,
twas new in the rectangle box,
a large glass face reflected
round, like the eye of a morning fox.

It was the watch they wore, he said,
as they flew high over head,
from Germany to Bulgaria,
many hours over the land.

He thinks back to so long ago,
memories like coffee, at arms length,
or in this case, a curve of the wrist
is the only space one needs.

How the rings of time are spun
the memories shadows, and solitary ones
dance in the light of the aged mind,
the present is ere, the past holds the time.

Pearl Ice

Pearl ice and ocean blue,
Thoughts that are real and thoughts untrue
Like clouds across a summer sun
A mile along and more to run.

The wisps of clouds pervade my mind
Ice crystals on my soul
Water surely falls so free
If it has someplace to go.

The ocean vast the heart knows well
And The world is ruled by love
Yet the way not always perfectly clear
With clouds and stars above.