Older Insights in Time

Oh Time, you are nothing but

a reality of my mind.


The fragments of existence

dance in your pages

to songs that have been sung.

Minutes and seasons

turn into ages, and eyes burn bright

in days to be won.


You hold our visions of light and life.

They shine forever in your midst

written in the soul’s infinite light

then read for infinites thence.


Such a plane of existence,

a comfort of its own,

many a miserable and joy filled world,

and this is mine alone.

It is better than some, I’d say

this world staid and calm,

it could be constant suffering,

yet I have peace within these walls.

If I were in the midst of war,

would my mind still be at ease?

Would solace truly rise from within,

or in truth, in comforting grace?

There is a wisdom hanging over,

truth from without and within

and too much peace may stir the soul,

Good! Many battles to win.