The appreciation for life must be subtended by an appreciation of nature. The natural world is the premise for realizing that everything is connected. We are not one in ourselves, but one of many, one the web of life. There is nothing that exists alone in the universe; everything is connected to something else, even down to the smallest component of molecules, atoms exist dually sharing their energy circles. Nothing is for nothing, nothing exists without purpose.

Blessed to BE

The unity of nature is something easily studied and vastly overlooked. The theories that underlie the facts describe the great explosion that formed a wave, where what would become the world was engulfed, and the solar system and astronomical entities aligned, and were swept into rotations, and the preexisting conditions for life on earth, acid and alkali, and other chemical formations existed in the precise manner to let itself recompose and evolve. Scholars speak of the unlikeliness of such a chain of events and synchronistic conditions that it gave rise to life and our own conscious existence. I see a perfection and beauty in what is life, and have a deep appreciation for the profound forces that perpetuate it. It seems like no coincidence how life branched out, and the human consciousness came into being. Life finds a way, and ascends to greater height.